JoJo's guys endure a second 2-on-1 date on 'The Bachelorette'

The guys check in to their hotel and the first date card arrives.

Wells finally locked lips with JoJo while engaging in some watery performance art, and it was so un-sexy that JoJo literally high-fived him.

Where, when and how can you the latest episode of The Bachelorette? Jo Jo just says, "That's amusing". Then they hit up a show called, "Fuerza Bruta". They ended their talk together kissing. JoJo gives the final rose to ... no one! Have they made a comeback yet? They got to play in the suspended pool for the show and that was incredible! In an effort to cloud the painfully obvious fact that Jordan is the frontrunner in the race for JoJo's heart, the duo had yet another obstacle thrown their way. But she did not count on having a insane sexual chemistry with contestant Luke Pell. The lighting may have suggested as much but, really, the show has gotten boring since Chad went home. At which point everyone in America screams, Noooooo! like Michael Scott in The Office. He said it's new to him to express those feelings, but he did start feeling them very fast. James even used his one-on-one time with JoJo during the happy hour to tell a vague anecdote about Jordan acting "entitled" in the house. Blogger Reality Steve has already declared a few months ago that it is the National Football League player who will be proclaimed as this season's victor. Jojo sits down with both Chase and Derek alone and they both get some 1-on-1 time.

Elsewhere in the episode, JoJo and five of the remaining bachelors enjoy some fun on a group date to La Boca which ends in flaring tempers.

From Uruguay to Buenos Aires, we continue our tour of places no one can seem to pronounce. For the tango date, Jo Jo dresses like the dancing woman emoji.

Tell Us: Do you think JoJo should have sent Chase home instead of Derek? Then he opens up to her and they make out.

Nolan also asked whether or not Rodgers has ever anxious that someone he was dating was just using him to get close to Aaron and his wife, actress Olivia Munn.

Annnnd cut to JoJo and Chase making out to a live rendition of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina".

After a week of hard decisions, you all saw JoJo walk out on the rose ceremony and decide NOT make a decision at the end of the week. James told her that he's falling for her and he's letting himself go there. It sounds as if they got into a bit of a cat fight over poker rules, and Jordan pulled the "fame" card. This is just like marriage, right? Read on to find out what happens next and who gets eliminated.

The Rose Ceremony will reportedly end with Robby going home and Jordan winning JoJo over. That's when Chris Harrison comes to announced the final rose of the night.

He may have left the show, but The Bachelorette's Chad Johnson is still causing controversy. Um yeah Wells, she wants a real, deep, passionate love!

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