Teen asks for doughnuts, gets over $180K in online donations

Matt White  GoFundMe

It all started two weeks ago when Matt White, of Memphis, saw 16-year old Chauncy Jones Black at a supermarket, asking to carry his groceries in exchange for some glazed doughnuts.

"He just looked like a good kid who was hungry. I'm 30 years old and I have a new hero", he wrote on the fundraising page.

White said he asked the teen whether he was at the grocery store alone, and learned Jones had taken a bus across town in "hopes of someone buying him something to eat because he and his mother had nothing at home". So instead of buying him doughnuts, "I went on a shopping spree" for cereal, pizza, milk, soap, toothbrushes, and more. But he gets straight A's, and he's been trying to get a job to help out.

"I don't know what to say". His story came to light when he met a man named Matt White on June 10. And White found a dentist to give Chauncy's mom her smile back. And their refrigerator was empty. White took to Facebook to explain the encounter.

The incredible story has been shared thousands of times on the FOX13 page.

"Something told me to go to Kroger".

Dollars for donuts is a phrase that refers to what was meant to be a regular trip to the grocery store for Matt White. He listed the clothing sizes for Black and his grandmother, solicited part-time job offers on Black's behalf and set up an email address through which donors and readers could contact them. The goal was to raise $250.

In just a few hours, White had reached that goal. "I just know God is good and he sent a good person into our lives". "You're an Angel!" she wrote on White's Facebook post.

"I've never cried so much in one day", he wrote in update five. "I have a new family!!!!"

As of Saturday, the "Chauncy's Chance" Go Fund Me page has raised more than $207,000.

If you would like to donate, you can donate at the Chauncy's Chance GoFundMe page.

Someone hit on the idea of a GoFundMe website, part of the new wave of so-called "crowdfunding" sites, so White started one. Many share White's religious fervour. "We are very thankful to all of those who reached out to get us into a better home and a safe environment".

The success of the fundraising has led to some distress for Black and his grandmother.

"People have been showering Chauncy and his mother in an ocean of love and support", White wrote on GoFundMe.

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