Canadian Mint employee accused of stealing gold hidden up his bum

It's alleged that a Royal Canadian Mint employee smuggled gold out of the building using an age-old smugglers tactic

A Royal Canadian Mint employee has been accused of smuggling 18 gold pucks - amounting to $180,000 CDN ($136,600 USD) worth of gold - out of the facility by sticking individual nuggets up his bum.

Leston Lawrence is accused of periodically taking "pucks" of gold via his own rectum and scrapping them at Ottawa Gold buyers in the Westgate Shopping Centre, with the Edmonton Journal reporting he eventually netted $180,000 ($140,000 in USA dollars).

The court was told that Lawrence, 35, allegedly sold several gold "pucks" - nuggets worth about $6,800 each - to an Ottawa Gold Buyers store.

For starters, Barnes said they can't prove the gold is stolen, nor can they establish that the bullion once belonged to the mint.

An Ottawa court hearing heard Lawrence had set off a metal detector at work more often than most employees, but that security guards had never found anything when they searched him with a wand. Among Lawrence's duties at the Mint was to measure the purity of gold coins.

The case concluded on Tuesday with a verdict pending for November 9. (It was not uncommon for employees to set off the detector, court heard.) Investigators also found a container of vaseline in his locker and the trial was presented with the prospect that a puck could be concealed in an anal cavity and not be detected by the wand. The gold pucks did fit the mint's custom "dipping spoon" that is made in-house and can not be bought for commercial use, however.

Of the possibility that the gold could be smuggled inside a rectum, they confirmed: "There was testimony from the security people that they had actually tested this on a human being".

Canadian Mint employee accused of stealing gold hidden up his bum

His attorney called the case "appalling", citing what he called the governments unimpressive collection of circumstantial evidence.

Barnes said there were many ways the former employee could have legitimately obtained the gold pucks, according to the Sun.

The defense didn't miss the opportunity to point out that the mint was seemingly unaware of any theft or missing gold, and likely can not prove this is even the case.

The mint, widely described as a "fortress", did not notice the thefts.

A decision from Justice Peter Doody with regard to the charges is expected on November 9.

A spokesperson for the mint said that the RCM is committed to overhauling its security measures, such as installing a system of HD cameras and developing better methods for tracking its precious metals.

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