Trump supporters target women with #Repealthe19th

While a win by Donald Trump would almost certainly produce a quick correction in equities markets a Hillary

Two maps from FiveThirtyEight show how men are expected to turn out for Donald Trump but women are expected to turn out for Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump appears on stage at the CNN Republican Presidential Debate in Simi Valley, California on September 16, 2015. In this scenario, Silver found that if women were the sole voters, Clinton would receive 458 electoral votes to Trump's measly 80 electoral votes. And to be certain, some of the frightful tweets may be jokes, but collectively, there's a trend on Twitter that's fueled by disbelief that anyone would want to repeal the 19th Amendment.

An undated, three-year-old petition didn't attract any new signees in the purported rush to #Repealthe19th, despite frequent reiteration that a movement of the sort was afoot. The 19th Amendment, of course, is what granted women the right to vote in 1920.

On Tuesday, FiveThirtyEight published graphics that showed who would win the presidency if only men or only women voted on November 8.

In a male-only world, Silver predicts Trump would receive 350 electoral votes and move into the White House.

News stories surfaced this week linking Twitter hashtag #RepealThe19th to Trump supporters.

On Wednesday, four women, including a People magazine reporter, spoke out against Trump, claiming that he had sexually assaulted them in the past.

Contrastingly, when Silver subtracted the 10 points, he got "an awfully red map", giving Trump a win in every potential swing state and an overwhelming victory in this fake man election.

Yet, rather than use this information to begin a thoughtful debate about why there could be this major gap between men and women's candidate preferences, some Trump supporters began to suggest that women simply shouldn't vote at all.


Over the last week, reports have been surfacing of women alleging that Donald Trump has made inappropriate sexual advances.

While Trump is refuting (and even threatening to sue), his supporters are making light of the victims' stories.

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