Researchers find 'warm Neptune' with water in its atmosphere

Water Weird Clouds Found on Alien'Warm Neptune

A pioneering new study has uncovered large amounts of water in the "primitive atmosphere" of an exoplanet, which is a similar size to Neptune.

However, the composition of a planet's atmosphere can provide valuable clues as to how the planet formed.

Around 437 light years away lies the mysterious exoplanet HAT-P-26b - which is a bad name, but blessedly it's also known as "Warm Neptune".

In this study, the researchers accumulated the data from four transits of the exoplanet which were measured by Hubble and two of which were observed by Spitzer. Now thanks to a joint effort between NASA and a team of scientists from various universities such as the University of Maryland and University of Exeter, a new study is showing the most detailed analysis of a warm Neptune to date. This, perhaps pointing to the possibility that HAT-P-26b was formed closer to its host star, formed late into the development of its planetary system or both.

This revelation could change how scientists think about the birth and development of planetary systems in other distant galaxies.

"Astronomers have just begun to investigate the atmospheres of these distant Neptune-mass planets, and nearly right away, we found an example that goes against the trend in our solar system", says co-team leader and lead author Hannah Wakeford, a postdoctoral researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, in the statement.

It's a memorable moment for the scientists involved.

And they found what they were looking for: the spectrum shows some light cloud cover and a clear signature of water in the planet's gaseous envelope.

As the research provided an accurate measurement of water, the astronomers were able to approximate the exoplanet's metallicity by using the water signature.

Experts hope studying HAT-P-26b's peculiar features and learning how it came to be formed could help them crack how the solar system itself came into existence. The planet has a primitive atmosphere, made up nearly entirely of hydrogen and helium. "This kind of unexpected result is why I really love exploring the atmospheres of alien planets". Using the Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes, an global team of researchers found a strong water signature in the exoplanet's atmosphere, which itself is primitive in nature - it is made up nearly entirely of hydrogen and helium, the two lightest elements. Hot Jupiters, and their smaller cousins, hot Neptunes, orbit their host stars searingly close.

Using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and Hubble Telescope, the researchers collected data during transits, an event when a planet passes in front of its host star. It is an indication of how rich the planet is in all elements heavier than hydrogen and helium. This would have resulted in icy debris rich in heavier elements falling onto Neptune and Uranus, while Jupiter and Saturn would have formed in a warmer part of the disk, and thus obtaining less of icy debris. While big planets like Neptune have metallicities about one hundred times that of the sun, this exoplanet only has a metallicity of about 4.8 times that of its own star.

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