Trump records robocall in Montana race

Democratic Congressional candidate Rob Quist and Sen. Bernie Sanders greet supporters during a campaign rally

"I want to help Donald Trump drain the swamp back there".

Upon passage of the House GOP's bill to repeal the ACA, Gianforte told reporters he wanted to know more about it before deciding whether he'd support it. And while a group of Democratic lawmakers is calling for Trump's impeachment, congressional leaders have tried to tamp down those cries. But Given Trump's lack of popularity, Democrats are looking to this spring's special elections to score some wins, including the special election in Montana.

Democrats already claim some success in one House seat that went heavily for Trump: In Kansas' 4th Congressional District, Democratic nominee James Thompson lost by just seven points in April.

"It always comes back to kitchen table issues", said Democratic strategist Lynda Tran. "Now I have to worry about someone taking that care away.We need you to act as this great state's conscious and cast your ballot for the person who is going to the right thing for Montana and that's Rob Quist".

The issue is front and center in the campaign for Montana's only U.S. House seat set to be filled in a special election Thursday.

Trump won the state by a healthy 56%-35% and his approval rating is still above water in internal polls from both parties.

Gianforte is now running for the open congressional seat and, unlike in his last run, he is fully embracing Trump. That's $1.93 million against Quist and $442,450 against Gianforte in the past 20 days.

In what is turning out to be "a recurring nightmare" for Republicans, Democratic challenger Rob Quist is doing unexpectedly well in the deep red state, Politico writes. The race is Quist's first foray into politics, but the native Montanan has decades of name recognition from years of performing his folksy tunes around the state. Quist has his own controversies involving debts and tax liens. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ended up putting $600,00 into the campaign in Montana, and the House Majority PAC has been running ads in the state, the latest focused on health care. "Why is it they take advantage of that enthusiasm for the goal of fundraising, but don't seem to have the same enthusiasm for turning these people out to vote?" The ads highlight the more than 400,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions and criticize Gianforte for praising the bill.

While Mr. Gianforte has toured with the president's allies, Mr. Quist has traversed the state in a rented Winnebago, with a bandmate as his chauffeur.

Gianforte has tried to create some distance between himself and the GOP legislation.

Chase said Bruins Elect plans to hold more events to campaign for Ossoff before the June 20 runoff.

While the race has tightened, according to GOP polls, Democrats are trying to manage expectations, arguing that this at-large district isn't as prime a pickup opportunity as others.

Republicans privately say Gianforte is going to win by fewer than 5 points, Democrats predict a double-digit loss. The DCCC announced an additional $2 million investment in the Georgia district this week.

But both candidates have money problems - Gianforte has too much of it; Quist has a history of debt and unpaid taxes. Stumping with fellow musician Jon "Bowzer" Bauman of Sha Na Na, Quist let his companion do most of the talking and answer as many or more questions. If there is a large voter turnout on Thursday, Rob is going to pull off a major upset and win this election.

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